To all my slaves and future slaves,

Before you decided to message me and have me hypnotize you and enslave you I want you to watch this gif and listen to the attached file on loop. I want you to be in the mind set of becoming slave, already relaxed, already prepared to worship, serve, and obey. I want you to realize that you are nothing but a slave designed to serve your Master.

Yours powerfully,

Your Master



Shut up bitchboy !



Fuck. When you tease my hole like that I have no choice but to beg for your cock! Please give it to me. Please!


So relaxed, not a care or thought in the world. And he loves it.


Notice how EASY it is to enjoy hypnotic
relaxation since 15 minutes in hypnosis is like sleeping for several hours and

Realize how none of your worries
can even get close to you because you ALLOWED yourself to follow my suggestions.

Now continue to listen only to my
voice, feel
your body relaxing even further and as I count from ten to one, you will drop
to the next plateau and finally down to what I call TOTAL RECEPTIVITY.

10 – relaxing even further.

9 – free of all worries and

8 – feeling better and better
with each suggestion you accept

7 – the deeper you go, the better
you feel – the better you feel, the deeper you go

6 – it is the power of your
unconscious mind to make every suggestion real instantaneously

5 – your conscious mind is in a
deep sleep now, unshackling the receptive powers of your unconscious

4 – my voice sends waves of
pleasure through your body

3 – following suggestions makes
you feel so good, nothing has ever felt so good as obeying my voice

2 –  almost there, almost achieved the state of
empty obedience you crave

1 – TOTAL RECEPTIVITY : everything I tell you to do becomes your greatest
desire. Obeying my commands is what your will compels you to do.

Good boy.


the club’s cover charge for boys




you know, sometimes I just lay back and think “fuck it’s good to be me”

Alpha Life

Every day when I wake up with a bitch’s lips around my cock, sucking me awake.


Its an interesting moment in the training of a straight slave when, after weeks of having no female in sight, a gay sissyboy slave is given permission to climb on top of that straight, sex-starved dick. It responds, literally, as if it has a mind of its own, and that totally humiliates its horny, straight host. Certainly, no straight man would let another guy rape his dick, and wouldn’t respond by getting hard and actually enjoying the thrusts in and out of that shithole.

And yet… that’s exactly what happens.

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